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"What do you want to do with your life? What do you actually, really want? What are you doing each day to get there? This program is like putting yourself on a train track headed to where you're supposed to, instead of floundering each day away." - Mathew

I was having some issues in my life and marriage and decided to look online for solutions. I came across Maximillian of Spartan Ownership and knew right away that it was exactly what I was seeking.We had worked out a self-development plan focused on helping me take more ownership over my life. Max stayed along side me daily as an Peak-Performance/Strategy Coach, checking in with me about my progress in reading, behavior and fitness. He helped me climb out of a rough patch in my life and has set me up with some skills and habits to continue my development. A great experience overall and I will happily recommend Max to any man who needs some extra guidance in bettering their life. - Justin